Ramadan Preparation

There is just under 3 months left to the start of Ramadan, have we started preparing for it? Some of you may say it’s still 3 months away that’s a long time but in reality it’s not. In order to be fully ready for Ramadan; physically, mentally and spiritually we have to start now. We can’t wait for Ramadan to start before we start making aa change we have to start now or it will be like every other month.

So what can we do to start to prepare?

Make a Ramadan countdown – have a mental reminder of how many days are left, have a reminder on your phone, add it to your calendar. What’s the point of this? It will remind you how close Ramadan actually is and you will feel like you are getting ready for it, it will create a buzz and you will be constantly reminded of it and will be reminding others.

Make a list of changes you want to make during Ramadan and expand them to include why you want to do each thing and what the outcome will be for that goal, how will it benefit you in this world and the hereafter. Make notes of what you can start doing now so that you can achieve that goal in a productive way. An example could be (this is a broad goal and can be added to, I’d advise splitting them up and making them smaller goals):



Research about Ramadan – read books, listen to lectures, talk about it with others and not down things you find interesting and which may benefit you. This will help you to understand what to do in Ramadan and what you need to focus on.

Plan how you are going to spend your Ramadan – make a timetable. Include times you will be busy, working, at school etc. Remember to include Salah times, eating times etc. and then start to include all other things you would like to do like reading Qur’an, studying, tasbeeh, helping others etc. Always keep in mind the goals you want to start achieving you will continue even after Ramadan is over.

Prepare spiritually and mentally – we know that in Ramadan we increase our worship so rather than waiting for Ramadan to come starting early – start praying on time now, start fasting (even if it is only once or twice a week), reading Qur’an (little by little, increase as you go by), giving charity (give it little by little again) etc. So by the time you get to Ramadan you will be getting into a routine and you can increase it too. We also need to be prepared for fasting, start observing patience now, being careful in what you say etc. Start getting rid of bad habits; if you sleep late start sleeping early, if you are spending too much time on social media – cut down how much time you spend on social media, if you are eating too much junk – cut down. Replace bad habits with good ones for example if you listen to music, change it to nasheeds and Qur’an.

Always rectify your intentions, make sure everything you are doing is for the right reason and that you are doing it for Allah – he will help you too!

I hope your Ramadan planning goes extremely well, don’t just focus on making Samosa and spring rolls (although they are extremely tasty) but focus on changing on yourself and be ready to change in the month of Ramadan.

Remember it’s never too early to start preparing for Ramadan.

And Allah knows best.

If I do help you in any way, please keep me in your humble duas and pray that Allah makes my journey easy too in shaa Allah.


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