TIME – are we using it right?

Are we spending our time productively?

I want to ask you a question before I list any tips to using our time wisely and productively – If you were told you only had 24 hours to live what would you do in those 24 hours?

Remember we will be accountable for each second we wasted, Allah doesn’t say we can’t have fun and enjoy but we need to maintain a balance and we are encouraged to spend it in a way that will benefit both us and the environment and people around us.

So what can we do to spend our time productively?

  1. Plan your time out – make a timetable of all the things on your schedule currently and anything which could be coming up, note what times you will be free and find something to fill them up with. In your timetable include your prayer times, eating times and anything else which is in your routine. Hang this timetable up in your room, have a copy on your phone, tablet, computer etc. and keep to it.
  2. When setting out to do something whether it ties in with religion or not (as long as it is in the boundaries of Islam) begin with Bismillah and read tasbeeh while doing the task, not only will this increase the productivity of your time with barakah (blessing) as you are remembering Allah but you will also be picking up loads of rewards. Remember even the time you are asleep will be recorded as you doing Ibadah if you remember Allah and read your dua before bed.
  3. Sit down focused, ready to do the task – tell yourself you are going to get it done without any distractions. When sitting down to do some work, remove all distractions from your sight such as your phone (if you are expecting a call or something, turn all other notifications off or putting it on silent).
  4. Take regular breaks – on average our bodies can only concentrate for around 25 mins so after working for 25 mins take a 5 min break; go for a stroll, have a snack, go talk to someone, and then get back to work. If you find you can’t concentrate for as long or you can concentrate for longer adjust the times accordingly.
  5. Don’t do just one thing all day, switch it up and do different things so you won’t be bored and you will feel like you have had a productive day.
  6. Stay hydrated and have healthy snacks through the day as these will help you too.

Another thing which can leave us feeling unproductive is free time, what should we do in our free time, sometimes we feel like we don’t have anything we can do so we just sit and watch TV all day or just sit around and waste time. Make a list of things you would like to do in your free time and have a copy with you all the time that you can add to, even stick it next to your timetable. Here are some things you can do:

  • Reading – read about history, politics, seerah, whatever takes your interest. There’s no better time to learn interesting facts about your religion.
  • Writing – if you enjoy writing or are good at it – write somethings and share it with others so they can benefit to.
  • If there are any skills you want to improve on, practice them.
  • Volunteer in a local charity or even helping people, some online sites now look for people to reply to emails and maintain their sites, if you feel like you would enjoy this or have the skill to go for it.
  • Pick up a sport – the Prophet (ﷺ) and the Sahaba encouraged sports.
  • Find a new hobby or learn a new skill – we now have so many resources and ideas which we can find online.

If you have anything extra leave them in the comments below.

And Allah knows best.


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