The big question: UNI – Yes or NO?

Should I go to uni?

This is a question many Muslim youngsters ask themselves everyday…

It’s easy to apply to uni and get in (for some) but then we are left with the guilt that we have a student loan that will be sitting on us for the next 30/40 years of our life. As a student spending 3 years at uni we tend to spend around £50,000 on uni £27,000 for the uni fees and the remainder £23,000 on travel, food, books and resources for university. Some don’t have a job so will take out a student loan on top of any grants they may get leaving them in a lot of debt. And now having a master’s is quite key as everyone has a degree and so you need to step your game if you want a good job.

Islamically we know that student loans have Riba (interest) attached to it and Riba is wrong yet so many of us take that loan.

Some Ulama today have declared it permissible to take a student loan as it is now a necessity to get a decent job to be available to provide for our families in the future, just like car insurance is a necessity in order to be able to drive your car. Another point is the Muslim community used to be ahead of everyone else being a strong point for the Muslims we should try and continue this but due to restrictions it has decreased and we shouldn’t let that hold us back.

“If I don’t go uni I’ll get nowhere in life!”

That statement if you ask me is pure rubbish, I went uni for 2 weeks and I’m doing better now than I would have done if I did go to uni and the most important thing is I enjoy it a lot. There are so many other routes you can take; you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing.

Try open uni although that does have fees and you may not have the financial capability to do it, another thing is you have to do all the studying yourself which can be hard for some people as there is very little support provided.

You could try getting a job in a company and work your way up or even better work hard the first year or so and then see if your company will sponsor you to do a degree, if they see you are a hardworking individual and see a future for you at the company they will most probably agree.

The other route you could take is apprenticeships although you may have to start at the bottom at level 3 which is equivalent to A-levels, I agree it isn’t always practical but it only takes a year and gives you qualifications and experience which is very valuable, then you could move onto a degree apprenticeship or ask your company to sponsor you. Or you could just start from a degree apprenticeship and skip the level 3 apprenticeship. If doing a degree apprenticeship doesn’t work out try moving onto a level 4, 5 and 6 which will be equivalent to a degree.

There are so many other things you can try; these are just some of the options. If you really want something you have to work hard for it and you do need to have a lot of patience and not give up. It’s easy to give up and choose the easiest option but if you go through a lot of hurdles for something you appreciate it more and are usually a lot more happier with it long term but always remember to seek Allah’s help and don’t forget him when you have succeeded.


If you have any questions or need any advice don’t hesitate to ask me.



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