“Master of the Day of Requital”

The 3rd verse “Master of the day of Judgement/Requital” is out of respect for the creator. The word “Malik” signifies possessing something with the complete power, control and ownership of something which one has the right to maintain or dispose at any time. The word “Din” then implies that he alone has all power and mastery over the day of requital, although there is no mention to what thing(s) the ownership is over, and what it applies to. According to the commentary, ‘al-Kashshaf, the phrase makes a general reference to cover everything. Meaning, on the day of requital that anything in existence on the day of requital will all be under his control, his mastery.

Many people may argue that there is no such thing as the day of requital as it is one of the elements of the ‘unseen’ and for some people it is harder to believe in the ‘unseen’ world as there is only a limited amount of information on it than others. So the big question is why has it been brought here? Well, the most logical answer for that would be that our purpose in this life and in this world is the hereafter and our ultimate goal is passing the ‘day of requital’ test and thus it has been mentioned here because at the end it all comes down to results day which (here the day of requital) which will determine each individuals future as it does today. Some will be so excited about getting their book of deeds in their right hand and others will be dreading receiving their book of deeds in their left hand, as each of us dreads or looks forward to results day getting the grades we wanted or not depending on how much effort we put into preparing for this exam. Similar to how our health, wealth and power does not help us when it comes to the day of an exam we are taking the same way our health, wealth and power will not assist us on the day of Judgement, each person will receive what they earned, what they prepared for and how much effort they put in. You may question the point about health saying in some exams you are given some leniency in your exam when you are not in the best health, but my answer to that is do you stop studying when you get ill? No! Why? You fear that if you leave your studying you will fail your exams and have a bad future. Do you stop when you start sweating, your feet start aching, and your arms feel like they are going to fall off or when you feel like you can do no more at work? No! Why? Because you fear being fired, losing your job, your career, your future! So the same with our ultimate test – this world – you can’t give up just because you have a fever, just because you have a headache, you have to keep going till you reach the goal! Another question you may raise is that ‘yeah but we get resits too!’ My answer to that question of that Allah says ‘And We shall surely let them taste a nearer punishment’ (Surah Sajdah:ayah 21) so Allah gives us trials too, so many of them, he is repeatedly testing us to see if we will turn back to him and in turn pass the ultimate test at the end of the day. (Sorry, went a bit off topic, got a little passionate and carried away!) The verse itself says “Master of the day of Judgement/requital” so Allah is the master of this day he is the examiner and he is the one who will determine who has passed the test and who has failed, therefore reward or punish each person accordingly.

And Allah knows best

I could carry on but I’ve been quite busy of the last couple of weeks and still am a little busy but I’m not going to disappear, I’m going to keep posting even if it is irregular.

So yeah, stay strong sisters and brothers and keep me in your blessed duas.



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