Is this dunya important???

Yes this dunya is important!

Many of you may disagree with my statement at first glance, but have you ever really thought about it?

Of course this dunya is important, we need it so we can be tested and so in turn we can be rewarded with jannah. So yes this dunya is important, although our fate is written we still have a choice to change it; by making constant dua and when you are stuck between 2 options and you don’t know what to do think which one will help me to enter jannah and take that option. So don’t ever think that there’s no point trying because I’m destined for jahanam because you don’t know if that’s reality, only Allah knows! So don’t give up hope and continue making dua.

Also it is good to have a balance between this dunya and preparing for the akhira, and how can we do that? Well you work in the dunya too! You go out and seek a decent education, work and earn money. Now your question maybe how is that benefitting our hereafter? Well if you have money then you can go study your deen, you can buy books and read, you can provide for your families, you can do a lot of things with that wealth. The more you read the more knowledge you will acquire and you will find that there is a connection building between you and Allah and you will end up relying on him alone, it’s a beautiful feeling really, indescribable. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that money has to come from a halal source for it to benefit you!

You may be thinking in your head that it’s so easy to say get a job but it’s really hard to get a decent job. I struggled for a while about 8/9 months especially because I didn’t want to go to university for many reasons one of them being the debt, and I was applying, applying, applying and nothing but I still had hope in Allah that he would do what’s best for me and look at me now alhamdulillah I have jobs that I love and I just think to myself Allah was making me wait for this and he wanted this for me, and it’s really beautiful. The point of that was have hope in Allah and don’t give up, just keep trying because at the end of the day Allah knows what is better for you, even better than yourself and it’s all part of the test.

So yes I got slightly sidetracked, this dunya is important and you have to work in it, not expect everything to come to you on a plate, you have to go out and find it.

And Allah knows best.

Stay blessed and remember me in your duas X
P.s. Sorry for not posting so much after this week hopefully I’ll be a little more time and will start getting back into a routine.


Update 07/07/2017, I have an updated ish article on this topic, just click here.


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