“…Rabb Al-Alamin…”

The next words that come is “Rabb Al-Alamin” (the lord of the universes).

The word “Rabb” signifies ‘one who nurtures’ which  in turn means bringing a thing up with love and affection gradually till it attains perfection, like nurturing a tree everyday from when it is a seed till it reaches heights. However the word “Rabb” is exclusive for Allah and cannot be attributed to anyone else because of the status of this word, nobody can nurture the way Allah does, and therefore nobody can be given this status.

The word “Al-Alamin” comes from “Alam” (world, universe etc). Therefore the word “Al-Alamin” over here means “The Worlds/universes” (take notice that they are plural) includes all forms of existence from us to all things in nature! The word “Al-Alamin” being plural could indicate that there is life on another planet or somewhere in another universe somewhere, but Allah knows best.

So the phrase “Rabb Al-Alamin” means that only Allah nurtures all existence in the worlds and universes.

Imam Razi, the great commentator of the Holy Qur’an, says that the existence of an indefinite space beyond our universe can be proved on the basis of rational argument, and it is also certain that Allah is All-Powerful, so it should not be at all difficult for Him to have created millions of other universes in this endless space. It has been reported from the Companion Abu Sa’eed Al Khudri, that there are forty thousand worlds; our world, stretching from the East to the West, is only one of them, there being many more besides it. According to the well-known commentator Muqatil, the number of worlds is eighty thousand. (see Qurtubi)

As for the objection that no man or animal can live in the outer space owing to the lack of the kind of air which should be compatible with the physical make-up of man, Imam Razi replies that the inhabitants of the worlds in the outer space need not necessarily have the same physical make-up as that of the inhabitants of our world which should make existence in space impossible for them, and suggests that their organic composition and the requirements for its nourishment and sustenance might just be totally different. Imam Razi postulated these possibilities some eight hundred years ago without the help of the modern facilities for observation and exploration, yet the speculations of the scientists in the age of space travel endorse his view. Seen in the light of this short phrase, ‘Lord of the worlds’, the universe reveals itself to be an incredibly complex, yet perfectly integrated order. From the heavens to the earth, from the planets and the stars to the particles of dust, everything is bound in a chain of being, and is performing the function assigned to it by Divine Wisdom. Man cannot obtain a little morsel of food unless a thousand forces of the sky and the earth work together to produce it. The universal order is there for man to contemplate, and to realize that, if Allah has put millions of His creatures in the service of man, man in his turn cannot be worthless or purposeless or meaningless. The Holy Qur’an is indeed very explicit and very insistent in reminding us that the universe is not absurd:

“We have not created in vain the heavens and the earth and what lies between them. That is the fancy of the disbelievers. But woe to the disbelievers in the fire of Hell.” (38:27)

And Allah Knows Best.

Remember me in your humble prayers X

(Italic part taken from Ma’ariful Qur’an, definitely worth a read if you have the time and can stay committed to it, this kitaab gives an excellent understanding along with Tafsir Ibn Kathir, where I make most of my notes from)


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