The surah begins by praising Allah, signifying that all praise is for Allah for all his bounties. Whatever a person looks at they will find Allah behind the beauty and hence praise him due to his power and might.

Everything has beauty hidden in it, some things are more apparent than others, and when a person tries to see behind the veil, they will find behind each of them the same intricacies, manifestations, creativity and power. Admiring anything that exists in this world is nothing less than admiring a piece of artwork and its ultimate creator.

This statement which starts off the Quran opens up a whole new perspective for the reader who was lost in a maze turning to so many different things, and it shows the reader how all these things are knited together in one, and the power belongs to the one who created all these things and who the absolute power and might belongs, it is out of our ignorance that we associate the praise with anyone other than the creator and fashioner Allah.

If there is only one creator and only one being in the whole universe that deserves this praise it is only logical to start off the Holy book with words of praise eliminating the roots of polytheism and worshipping anything other than Allah by associating all praise with him, hence introducing the main foundation of islam; Tawheed (oness of Allah).
And Allah knows best


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