Surah Fatiha (introduction)

Makki Surah – 7 Verses

This surah has many merits and values; it is the surah that the Quran begins with, it is the beginning of every prayer and is recited throughout, this is the first surah to have been revealed completely although parts of some surahs had already been revealed such as surah Iqra, Muzammil and Muddathir.

Hence some people call this surah as ‘fatiha tul Kitaab’ meaning ‘the opening of the book’. This surah is the essence of the Quran as most surahs contain either 1 of 2 themes; imaan (faith) or aamaal (deeds-righteous deeds) however this surah contains both the themes hence it has also been given the title ‘Umm ul Quran’ meaning ‘the mother/essence of the book’.

This surah also is very different from the other surahs, it begins by praising and glorifying Allah all-mighty. It advises readers to approach the Quran with an open mind and read it with a clean mind free from any opinions and thoughts with the sole purpose of seeking the right path, seeking guidance. The reply to that is the rest of the Quran itself, this is made clear from the beginning of surah Al-Baqarah as it states:

“This is the book, there is no doubt in it, a guide for the god-fearing.”

Some scholars have also said that this surah is a cure for all kinds of illnesses and so the surah may be named as ‘Al-shifa’ meaning ‘The cure’. It has been mentioned by the Prophet (ﷺ) that this surah is the greatest of among all surahs of the Quran.

And Allah Knows best.


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