When we fall into any problem, any difficulty

The first thing we do is begin to do is complain and moan

Like we are the only ones who are experiencing any difficulty

But have you ever fallen into a problem

And the first thing that pops into your head

Is that there is some good in this and it will be good for me

Even though right now I may feel it is bad

I don’t see any good in this situation right now

But maybe in a couple of months or years I will see the benefits

How about next time you fall into some hardship

Instead of starting to complain and making people feel sorry for you

You put a smile on your face and say to yourself you are strong,

You are going to get through this, and if you stay patient Allah will reward you

This is just a test and it is only here for a short amount of time

Allah tests whom he loves

“Allah does not burden a soul with more than he can bear”

I can get through this; Allah knows I can so I can

“Indeed with hardship comes ease”

Ease is going to come soon it’s still just knocking on the door

MORAL: the more positive you are the easier it will be to get through it

Just have trust and faith in Allah and everything will be OK


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